Particularly Appropriate Today …

World Trade Center“We’ve got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen.”

D.H. Lawrence

(via Goodreads Quote of The Day)

I did not plan on posting anything about 9/11 today, since I knew that many other more articulate voices would be speaking about how the last 13 years have changed us.   Then I found this quote and it just hit a reality for most of us.  

Life goes on … not the same, but still  being lived out, whatever that means for each of us.  

So I will take a few minutes to remember and reflect …

Much posting today around the significance which this date holds.  I ignore the chauvinistic or hostile sentiments, but welcome reflection on what this type of on-going change means for each of us.  We need to pause and think about how the events then and since have affected us.

If you have some time and the heart, here’s a very thoughtful reflection on what this day means.  It leaves the flag-waving to others, but reminds us of how this day made our world a different place.

Remembering in the Heartland ….