How to Deal With Difficult Customers

Practical Practice Management


It seems as though in the past couple of weeks our office has had to handle situations with difficult people.

Not only were these people a bit combative in their speech; they did not want to meet in the middle to understand our side of the situation.

Encounters like this are always difficult, yet the more we learn to handle them the more we realize that we need to jump forward and skip the “trying to make them understand part” and go right to the “what can we do to make it better” part.

There are 10 principles to keep in mind when trying to communicate with difficult people.

  1. Let difficult people know you have heard them and have understood their point.
  2. They are probably doing the best they can to tell you what is wrong.
  3. Do not take what they say personally. It is just business.
  4. Keep your cool.

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