Sometimes All We Need …


Sometimes all we need is a little push .  . .



… to get moving on a project.

… to go first and apologize.

… to do the right thing for the long haul.

… to be more focused and productive.

… to help someone else.

… to create momentum and power.

… to fix a wrong.

… to show mercy.

… to begin a thing that we need to do.

… to end a thing that we need to let go.

… to start swinging high above the ground.

… to think of something new and different.

I could go on … after all, I have already received my little push today.   I have two questions for you today: 

Who could you ask to give you a little push?

Who do you know who needs a little push?

Well, what are you waiting for? 

Enjoying the feeling of real momentum in the Heartland ….



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  1. BTW: This is my 2000th blog post on this site. Thanks to all for reading and reflecting over the past few years and I hope you hang in with me into the future:).


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