Assume Others Mean Well

How Leaders Manage

heart in hand

Imagine you walk into a room and you begin a conversation with some of your peers. During your conversation someone mentions a type of ice cream and some jerk throws out a pretty offensive statement. They openly ask you, “Have you tried the ice cream they are talking about? I know how you like your sweets.” 

Are you insulted?

What if the conversation would have turned into a different direction and they would have said, “I know how you like to be off early,” or “work out” or  “rest” or “get involved”?

Insulted yet?

What if someone knows the gift you are planning on giving and get the same one but maybe just a little bit better?


What if you were at a party and the host walks up to you and whispers in your ear, “Go easy on the liquor tonight”? 

What about now?

In each of these…

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