When Work Relationships Do Not Work

Practical Practice Management


When coworker relationships are not good, maybe even are really bad, it not only affects the people who are directly involved, it affects the business as a whole.

A long time ago a good and wise friend of mine told me “you don’t have to like everyone that you work with, you just need to be able to work well together.”

I had to think about that for a while.  Wouldn’t it be very hard to work well with someone if you did not like them?

According to my friend the answer was no.  You were hired for a position to do a certain job.  The job did not include that you would have “warm fuzzies” with all of your coworkers.

You need to be able to have an adult working relationship and that does not always mean you are buddy-buddy with your coworkers.

Many years ago I worked for…

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