A Throwable Microphone? … Love it

Ball Room MeetingEver been in a large meeting, where microphones are passed from person to person to person, so someone deep in the crowd can have their say?

Ever wait “patiently” while people made their way toward floor microphones spaced out within the seating sections?

Ever wonder if a better way existed to allow people to speak their minds … and be heard?

Elliott Masie is already familiar to many as a man who lives and thrives on the very front edge of learning innovation.  With this revealing of A Throwable Microphone, he aptly reinforces his credibility.  Watch the video at the link for more.

Those of us who have been daunted by the cost and technology of facilitating Q&A sessions or town hall meetings should be quietly pleased at this new product.

Wanting to throw something real bad in the Heartland ….