Asking the “Essential” Questions …

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Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism, is a master at getting to the point of things and he has a real knack for asking the right questions to challenge us our of our ruts.  

My current favorite quotes from his excellent book are these little mash-up gems:

“When we don’t know what we’re really trying to achieve, all change is arbitrary … How will we know when we are done?”

followed closely by:

What is the obstacle that, if removed, would make the majority of all other obstacles disappear?

(Essentialism, pg. 190)

To whet your appetite further, the link below leads you to a Harvard Business Review (HBR) interview with Greg in which he explains some of the things that get in the way of focusing on what is really important:

The Emotional Boundaries You Need at Work – Greg McKeown – Harvard Business Review.

Note:  You will probably need to sign in with HBR to read this article.  They are a trusted source, so my advice is to do so, if you are not already a member of their online group.

Enjoying a book more than I thought possible in the Heartland ….



Greg McKeown writes, teaches, and speaks around the world on the importance of living and leading as an Essentialist. He has spoken at companies including Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn,, Symantec, and Twitter and is among the most popular bloggers for the Harvard Business Review and LinkedIn Influencer’s group. He co-created the course, Designing Life, Essentially  at Stanford University, was a collaborator of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Multipliers and serves as a Young Global Leader for the World Economic Forum. He holds an MBA from Stanford University.
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