“The 100 Foot Journey” … You’ll Want to Make This Trip

Walking across a short distance is sometimes the longest and most powerful trip we can make …


The 100 Foot Journey is not a simple film, although it is incredibly easy to watch.  It is about many things:

It’s About Food …

A theme throughout is the joy and mystery of cooking.  The camera focuses up-close and personal on the sauces, the seasonings, the tasting, and the preparation.  This is not a film about fast-food, but a love note to those who care about creating really special food.  Indian and French dishes abound and you will leave this film hungry and with a new appreciation for how we ought approach something we do every blessed day.

It’s About Work …

What we do is what we are in this film.  The identity of each character is entwined deeply with their work, so much that personal relationships are affected by work relationships.  This is not work as we often think of it … narrowly defined titles within a corporate structure.  This is work on the Big Screen, where what we do is not a choice, but a passion.  This is work with goals and aspirations, which is both the most exhilarating and dangerous of environments.

It’s About Family …

The story starts with tragic loss continues to explore the sometimes “confrontational connections” in a family, as each generation lives their lives, together and apart.  The relationship between the Indian father and his oldest son is both a delicate dance and a clash of will, often at the same time.

It’s About France … 

The French countryside has seldom looked more inviting or ethereal.   The framing of scenes, especially around the changing relationships as characters make that short 100 foot journey time and again, are small gems of storytelling in their own right.   We visit Paris briefly toward the end of the film and are jarred by the modern and glitzy environment.

It’s About Change …

Ultimately, this story is about change and the eternal power of people to move beyond their own perceptions and gain happiness.  This ability is deftly and sometimes painfully illustrated at different ages, in different ways, and with varying results.  Some of the crucial scenes are easily anticipated, while others are not.

The growing relationship between an Indian chef and a French woman is multi-layered … they are friends, they flirt, but they also compete … all handled deftly and without a shred of unneeded “sex” scenes.  

At the same time, the Indian father and French restaurant owner move at their own slower pace toward a more nuanced and awfully cute relationship.

If images were food, this film would be considered a feast …

Obviously, I enjoyed this film deeply.  The story made me feel good, I liked every character in the film, and the time in that dark theater went too quickly.  I left wanting more.

Feeling both hungry and very, very satisfied in the Heartland ….





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