Not Getting It …

Stroke of Luck

Even when we do not realize it at the time …

I still remember the bitter taste in my life when I was not chosen to continue to serve in the U. S. Army.   I received my commission during a time when the needs of the military were changing and the overproduction of young officers was catching up with them.   I was at a point in my life when I desperately desired structure and I believed that continued military service would fill that need.

Of course, the Army did not consider my personal desires one way or the other as the decision was made.    They just flat out did not need another junior Armor officer right then.   Thanks for the time served and on your way back to civilian life and an extended reserve commitment.

Reality Break …

Well, had I remained in the Army back then, I would not have had the life or the family I can now cherish with pleasure and fondness.   I desired to stay in because I wanted stability more than from any particular skill or enjoyment of serving as a military officer.  

Looking back, I was not a good fit and probably would have been miserable with an extended active duty tour.  Forget the dreams of John Wayne-like heroism … the reality would have been far less entertaining.

A Quick Clarification …

Let me be clear … I am not making a case for destiny or any other form of pre-ordained living, where you are exactly where you should been each and every step of the way.  

I would add that the reverse of this thinking is also true.  Sometimes we get what we have always wanted … and wonder why we still feel empty inside or continue to lack the sense of calmness that comes from being truly happy.

I am talking about reflecting on what is and what was realistically, rather than with regret and through glossy nostalgic eyes.

So … what disappointment do you face today?

How can you reframe it into a positive?

Wondering why we always have to be reminded of this simple truth in the Heartland ….