Losing and Winning …

Game OverWell, as “they” say about sports, competition, and everything else in life, “You win some, you lose some, and some get rained out … “

The trick is to know how to react to  each type of results.


In winning …

Remember that life is full of wins, losses, and draws.  Today is not the only day you will live.  Develop the ability to handle winning without the need to destroy another.  After all, today’s opposition may be tomorrow’s champions of your cause.

The fatal mistake is to confuse the temporary state of winning with the permanent state of being human.  A winner is a winner and that is to be celebrated … but it is not a state of being, just a temporary status. 

    Above all, be gracious, generous, and humble.

In losing …

Losing hurts, sometimes deeply and painfully.

Negative feelings are understandable, especially those related to disappointment and regret.  However, the tenure of those emotions should be short.  After all, the rest of your life is waiting without predestined outcomes.  

Why tie yourself down with negatives when you could be moving forward toward the positive?

    Above all, be gracious, generous, and humble.

When the rain falls and the “game is called” …

Sometimes we don’t win or lose … we just move on and await another day.  Do not act as though you could have prevailed … until a contest is settled, nobody knows the outcome.

When you do not have to compete, look to yourself and try to decide:  Are you disappointed or relieved?  Both sensations are valid and both contain a message about what you did not have to attempt to do.  Ponder that message.

    Above all, be gracious, generous, and humble.


I may have rankled some positive thinkers and motivational speakers with the notion that we are not always winners, but the reality is that we are not.  Trying to operate in a perpetual state that relies on winning will not suffice.   Life does not work that way.  We don’t always win, winning is not everything, and even winners sometimes quit.

However, we can be consistent in our approach.  That, above all, is doable.

Trying to remember how to win and lose in the Heartland ….


NOTE:  Fast Company posted a nifty little blurb today about quitting, which seems to sort of fit with this … maybe.   You decide … read more at “Be A Quitter“.