A Free Four-Step Diagnostic Tool …

Visual Four Step Diagnostic Chart


Step 1:  Activate a timer with an audible alarm set for 30 minutes.

Step 2:  Work as usual in your normal work environment until that timer goes off.

Step 3:  Stop working when you hear the alarm … add bonus “points” for every minute you do not hear the alarm because you are busy working.

Step 4:  Count the number of open browser tabs when you finally do stop.

Chrome Screen Shot


One Open Tab:   Congratulations!   Focus is yours … or you have absolutely no imagination or interest in the world.

Two to Five Tabs:   You are busy, but appear to be controlling any symptoms.

Six to Ten Tabs:   Danger Zone – you are flirting with overstimulation and underachievement

Over Ten Tabs:  Who are you kidding?   This is too big to cover up.  You are definitely diagnosed …

DIAGNOSIS:  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ALTERNATE METHOD FOR EXECUTIVES (because executives always want a different system):

Now if you prefer a more business-oriented analysis tool, just count the number of active projects you have going on at this exact moment … go ahead, I’ll wait patiently.  The basic scoring is pretty much the same and the numbers should not change, no matter how much you protest that “It’s different at my job”.   Over-extended is over-extended … the rest is just details.

By the way, “Yes” … that second image is an actual screenshot from my very own computer this bright summer morning. 

Bonus point if you can identify an additional diagnostic measure from that screen shot.   Hint:  the open tab is Feedly:).   

I will have more to share on what to do about all this later.

Feeling rather stunned at the real reason my computer is often slow in the Heartland ….


Caveat:  Totally non-scientific and backed up by nothing more than my own instincts that too many tabs is a bad thing.  No responsibility in any way if someone else uses this methodology and gets all cranky or something.