Morning Coffee …

Coffee in the MorningNobody really knows when or exactly where coffee first emerged to delight Mankind …

My favorite source of quick facts, Wikipedia, tells me that their best guess is pretty much in the middle of the Middle Ages, probably somewhere in Northern Africa.  Before that, the chronicle of coffee is empty.

I can only imagine a world without coffee and I dare not do so for long, ere I go mad … On the other hand, now I understand why early man was so testy … no coffee, no toilet paper, no dental plans … how did they survive and reproduce?

Later I will continue to ponder the working of the modern workplace, workers, and bosses … for now I am content to enjoy a treat denied to many of my ancestors.

For just a bit, I will sip and savor the taste, the aroma, and the ambiance which surrounds this warm and delicious drink … thinking of nothing else, but what I am experiencing.

I recommend engaging fully in an experience, sensation, or emotion on a regular basis. We already have plenty of practice in trying to do times, usually several at the same time, and at always having a goal or aspiration in mind. We need to develop our ability to just be …

Sometimes what comes from just being instead of trying can be surprisingly fruitful.

Feeling slightly whimsical as I drink my first of many cups of morning coffee in the Heartland ….