How to Tame Jerky Behavior without Having to Say a Word

How Leaders Manage


It’s morning and the whole department is gathered up talking about the previous day and doing a little small talk about current events. Overall the atmosphere is positive and exciting. Everyone seems to have a smile on their face and in a good mood. Even the manager is happy. Sales are good. Production is good. Life is happy.
Sitting at his desk one particular person is not feeling the vibe of positivity. He is sitting in silence with his elbows on the top of his desk and his chin buried in his knuckles. Looking down at the paperwork sitting in front of him, he takes a couple long deep breaths. The laughter and small talk about last night’s television shows are physically nauseating to him.
When he finally thinks to conversations are about to wind down so he can sulk in peace, his boss comes out of his office…

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