Reversing Negative Momentum

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On Wednesday I wrote about defining successful and how this is an individual experience.  Even though each person needs to define what success is to our self, many have a hard time doing that.  They are stuck because of someone or something.  They can never see themselves being successful at anything.

My blogging friend, Kristen Barton Cuthriell, authored a book recently called “The Snowball Effect” which is about how people can reverse negative momentum into positive momentum so they may become successful in life.

Recently on her blog she posted a clip from an article she wrote called “Steps to Success.”  I have read Kristen’s book cover-to-cover and it is inspiring. A few of the tips she gives for moving in a positive direction are below.  The article in full gives several more tips and how to apply them, just click the “Steps to Success” above.

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