Six Doors Open!

For the more thoughtful among you, here’s a new title from a very trusted source, this time with friends … I can just about guarantee this book will bring food for reflection and value to your life.


WIPFSTOCK_TemplateIt’s finally here! Sure you can order your own copy of Six Doors to the Seventh Dimension direct from our publisher, Wipf & Stock:

This collaborative devotional creation escorts the reader through the metaphorical house of your life. Creative partners Genevieve Howard, Jenny McGee and I co-created a narrative, artistic, poetic journey that leads from one door of your life to the next. Where it all leads is, well, part of the mystery!

For more information visit our web site at And if you are local to Columbia, Missouri join us for the book launch celebration on Friday, September 5, 6-8pm at the Columbia Art League on 9th Street. Join friends for a taste of wine, cheese, words and image. And of course to pick up your copy of the book if you haven’t ordered it!

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