Good Morning, Heartland ….

Kaldi's Morning 1

Sometimes you just have to slow down and work at half-speed … even though it’s only Tuesday …

I will sit here with my bottomless coffee cup and a decent view of suburban America, and work at my own speed today, while I watch the rest of the world rush by.  I will not worry about deadlines or things I need to accomplish or complete.  I will do some things that matter mostly or only to me.  

I will take time to go through files and delete things no longer of value …because we all need to clean up and clean out every now and then.

I will pause to consider how things are going and make sure that the direction holds enough value to justify the energy being exerted … because energy should be worthy of aspiration.

I will catch up with people who I want and need in my life … because these connections are important.

I will engage in the things I really just like to do, like writing and creating webpages … because they make me happy.  

I will let go of the larger concerns that hang like thunderclouds over my life … because they are not going away anyway.

Remembering that, if you just let go every now and then, life can be good in the Heartland ….



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