Am I Missing Something? …

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished;  that will be the beginning.”

Louis L’Amour


imageYes, I get my inspiration where I find it, even from popular fiction authors.

L’Amour was talking about the act and art of writing, but I think we can draw some wider learning from his words.  We first have to let go of the idea that we always know when we are finished.

We have all experienced the satisfaction of completing a project and being able to sit back and regard our work with a nice big smucky grin … and then noticing something. 

Maybe you have experienced one or more of these little epiphanies, while gazing proudly at your work.  I know I have encountered every blessed one at one time or another:

… something was left out?

… something does not work quite right?

… what you have done inspires you toward another project?

… we realize that we have created the wrong solution for the problem at hand?

… we realize that the problem we solved has morphed into something completely different?

You can almost imagine a lanky, sun-burnished old ranch hand leaning against a fence post and saying with a deep drawl, “Well, looks like you ain’t quite done yet, sonny

So what have YOU finished … that really isn’t?

Considering all my “finished” projects which need a little more tweaking or a whole new face in the Heartland ….