It’s None of Your Business What Other People Think About You

I like the twist here … we sometimes get caught up in the idea that another person’s thoughts are our concern, especially when they concern us:) …

How Leaders Manage


Imagine this.  You enter a room and there are a few people gathered around listening intently to each other.  Before you get close you hear someone mutter your name. It’s obvious they are talking about you.  As you get closer the conversation slows down to a halt and everyone is looking at you from the corner of their eyes.  What do you do?

Do you ignore them and go about your business like it didn’t happen (and maybe cry in the car)?  Do you approach the group and ask them what they are talking about?  Does it get under your skin enough to confront them on their underhanded gossip?

How you handle it of course is important, but what’s more important is how it affects you the rest of the day.  The majority of people can’t help but let it bother them.  “How dare they talk about me?  I don’t…

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