“How Things Come to Be” via BK Business Fables

MonkeyA great deal of the pain in modern organizations comes from accepted practices which seem part of the culture.  Rewards and punishment conform our behavior, sometimes for no apparent or valid reason.  

Upon reflection, we are often left wondering how these perceptions and standards came about and why they seem so accepted by all hands.

The little tale at the end of the link below describes how this happens as clearly as anything I have read … Read this modern business tale here:  

BK Business Fables:  How Things Come To Be

This comes to us via the folks at Berrett-Koehler, one very nice group of publishers with a dynamite line-up of thought-provoking and value-adding book titles.

The bottom line?   Someone needs to insist on asking the question “Why are we doing this?” a lot more often and a lot more forcefully.

Wondering why we do not stop to ask “Why?” more often in the Heartland ….