Understanding and Supporting Behaviour through Emotional Intelligence

This book probably has value for just about everyone …

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We are very pleased to have published our first title for secondary teachers, Understanding and Supporting Behaviour through Emotional Intelligence – A Critical Guide for Secondary Teachers by Victor Allen. This is a subject which is of relevance to all teachers, regardless of what subject they specialise in  and therefore we hope this book will help teachers to take a fresh look at the subject and give them a greater understanding of behaviour types and the latest findings.

We will be publishing a few ‘tasters’ this week and this particular extract comes from chapter 1: Where are we now and how have we got here?

Critical reflection
Entering into a working environment that has a dramatic impact on the academic, emotional and physical development of young people obviously requires you to be a subject specialist, but it also necessitates you taking on the role of an effective communicator, guide…

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