That’s how the light gets in

For those in the Columbia, MO area … Rocheport a is a nifty little venue for church the way I remember it growing up in the Heartland … give it a whirl sometime:)


The following meditation was offered at the Jazz service at Rocheport Christian Church, May 17, 2014:

Chris Hoke is a writer who works with inmates and gangs in Washington’s Skagit Valley and he recently shared a story about his engagement with one former gang member, Gustavo, and his family (Image, Winter/Spring 2014, No. 80, pp. 66-68).

A gang pastor and jail chaplain invited Chris to accompany him to the house of Gustavo, a former highly-tatted gang member, who was recovering from a self-inflicted wound. It seems that the drunk Gustavo, in a wild attempt to gain the attention of his oblivious father, slashed himself as he stood between his father and the television to which he was glued. The father did not receive it well and just asked him to get out of the way.

When Chris and his chaplain friend arrived Gustavo was standing with his brother…

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