Painful Scenes …

This little video has been making the rounds over the past few days, but I just managed to squeeze in a look-see on Sunday afternoon … and it left me wishing a few things …

I wish I had passed it by … watching this was one uncomfortable and even painful experience.  I was almost immediately overwhelmed

I wish I could say that this is just humor … but like most truly humorous things, it has the absolute ring of truth about it.  I found myself putting real names to the characters as the story unfolded.

I wish that this was not the way meetings, planning, and collaboration between groups goes, but I know that it all too often is exactly how things go.  I can almost taste the discouragement that we are not further down the road in listening to each other, understanding and analyzing problems, and in leadership.

The man in the middle is the one for whom I reserve special enmity … he is the epitome of a poor leader and the worst aspect is his total obliviousness to his own inability to effectively lead.  Never gets the reality of what is being discussed, is clueless regarding how to manage discussions effectively, and does not respect those whom he leads.

Sorry, I had been expecting a cute little video about silly things that happen when workers get together.  Instead I got a strong dose of reality … and a refreshed resolve to get busy doing something about this.

I just don’t want them to need to make more videos like this about real workplace life in the Heartland ….