Who Let The Dogs Out? …

Barking Dog“The dog’s bark is not might, but fright.”

Madagascari Proverb

… now, his BITE is a whole different discussion, but that’s for another day.

 When a dog is afraid, it will usually react with forced bravado and attempt to intimidate whatever or whoever it feels a threat. 

People tend to do the same thing … and the escalation to conflict begins.  A perceived threat becomes a real threat, because each party is trying to dominate the other.

 Perceptions are not reality, but they DO create reality when we let our perceptions rule our behavior.   If you think someone is a threat and act accordingly, you might just create the very situation you are trying to avoid.

 Some questions for you on this brisk almost spring morning:

 Whose bark are you misinterpreting right now?

How are you responding right now to their bark?

How might you respond differently to change their bark into a lick?

Ignoring my own tendency to engage in somewhat awkward imagery in the Heartland ….