Spiritual but not religious

… the discussion around spirituality and religiousness goes on, with Tim giving it a tremendous boost into thoughtfulness. We too easily dismiss one for the other, while not realizing that both are useful and not at all exclusive.


Just recently I attended a poetry reading. A dreadlocked young man announced, as a prelude to his poem, that he was “spiritual but not religious.” I suppose that disclaimer served as a warning for what was to follow. Indeed, his rap-delivered thoughts were unconventional, hip-hop being his religion.

If there is one religious demographic that is growing as rapidly as having no affiliation with a religious group it is this one, spiritual but not religious. It gives church folk the shivers. How can this be? They are stepping right around us.

To be honest I get them. There is nothing in the world that says you can’t apprehend the mystery of the universe unless you are a part of an organized religious community. Religion is the human response to the wonder and awe-filled experience of the universe. But it is a human response – flawed, distorted and contingent.

What they…

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