Do You Know Who You Are?

Values are not “nice to have or empty inspirational words, values are coe drivers of personal and professional success.

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You can’t be true to your values until you know that you have them.

Do you know who you are? No, not just your name, who you really are. It’s a sad reality that most people don’t actually know themselves all that well.

We all have values that inform various decisions in our life and most of our values change over time. As we grow older, become more experienced or are influenced by a different set of circumstances, some of our values tend to change. That is normal.

But some of our values run much deeper, we don’t necessarily choose them, we discover them. We grow into these values and that “growth” often begins at a young age. Once these values are “set” they stay with us throughout our life; these are our core values.

Research shows that most people have between 6 to10 core values. The research also shows…

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