Michael Sam meet Fred Phelps

Tim Carson shows us how to move forward …


The most newsworthy thing about University of Missouri defensive end, Michael Sam, coming out as gay was the understatement. The head football coach and athletic director both made short statements in which they praised Sam for his personal integrity and communicated their unquestionable support. Other than that, the topic was a mute one in Columbia, Missouri. Until today.

Notorious Westboro Baptist Church and Fred Phelps have made their entrance onto the Mizzou campus today and plan to speak from soapboxes in Speakers Circle. Law enforcement is bracing for confrontations.

My suspicion: Their stream of hate speech will not find an audience. Students will steer a wide circle around them. It will all die for lack of a second.

Ignore them. Respond with no response at all. Focus on something that matters.

This issue is over, settled.

We’re behind you, Michael.

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