Moment: A Smart Innovation For Mobile Photography

I invested in this … looks pretty slick and is definitely meeting a need …

Mirth and Motivation

“The highest quality lenses to empower mobile picture takers everywhere to capture incredible images with their phones. ” Marc Barros

Have you ever wished you had the perfect lens to capture a special or hilarious moment? Do you sometimes think the shot you took was awesome until you uploaded it to your Picasa folder and found out it was a pixelated mess? Yes I have and, many times, I’ve wanted to call my smartphone company and give them hell. But I digress. This morning, I was surfing the net and enjoying an article posted on The Next Web. (TNW). It was about how the main weapon that would help a company win the smartphone/android war would have to be their ability to produce a great smartphone camera. I’ll concur and add  … or the next best mobile option.

As I continued surfing on TNW, I came across another article…

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