My New Year Promises ….

.PromiseI promise not to …

… publish my Top Ten List of anything I have done over the past year, even if it was well-received, reproduced, or shared by the world.

… give you speeches on how much you can carry out in 2014 if you just  (fill in the blank with your favorite motivational word or phrase).

… offer pithy and insightful observations about what has occurred in the past twelve months, especially if the topic has animal words, such as “duck”, “cat”, “fox”, or “wolves”.

… predict what 2014 might hold for society, culture, economics, religion, politics, business, or entertainment.

… identify what single thing is the cause of most or all of our/your/ the problem.

… tell you that I have the answer to all your problems, even if I strongly believe I do.

Further, I promise to …

… Laugh more often at things that are truly funny.

… Cry more when I feel touched by a person or an action.

… Worry a tad less about everything, including death.

… Share a little more, every day, in any way I can.

… Think a little harder about things that matter or interest me.

…  Take myself a lot less seriously and others a lot more.


Finally …

 Laugh your way into the new year with one of my favorite cantankerous funny men.  

WARNING:  NSFW or Families with words and perceptions which will surprise, shock, embarrass, and irritate some of you …

You have been warned …

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Wishing some folks were still on the planet just to see what they would have to say about things in the Heartland ….