A Little Perspective Setting …

Okay, let’s do a quick inventory of what is happening here …

Precision marching in step with dozens of other people … Thumbs up

A large group creating massive and recognizable MOVING pictures … Thumbs up

 In front of thousands of people … Thumbs up

 Oh yeah, while playing musical instruments … Thumbs up

 … and they are not even the main event.

Now, let me get back telling you how hard I have to work to juggle MY priorities … on second thought, never mind.

This is one excellent example of the payoff from organization and mindfulness.   Everyone knows what to do, when to do it, and does so flawlessly.   These folks are paying attention to both planning and execution.

 Can your organization do this as well as these college students? 

 What gets in the way of performance like this?

 How can you create this ability in your organization?

 Wondering just how the heck they do that in the Heartland ….


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