“… A Pleasant Kind of Misery”

417px-Scrooges_third_visitor-John_Leech,1843_edit“Wealth may not bring happiness, but it seems to bring a pleasant kind of misery.”

unknown, but probably someone with a modest bank account

As for me, I have noticed that two types of people tend to express the idea that “Money does not matter”:   Those who have plenty and feel good about being rich (rationalization) and those who have little and feel guilty about being poor (defensiveness).

Some say that our relationships with other people are more important than having money.   Okay,n I definitely buy that … but does having money make that connection with someone easier to create?  Does having money make communication easier, especially with those at a distance?   Does money increase the choices for opportunities for meaningful connection?

What say you merry folk?

Does such a thing as a “pleasant kind of misery” exist?

How does wealth affect your concept of happiness?

What does this have to do with the season?

As usual, more questions than answers.

Counting the pennies and frankly wishing it took longer in the Heartland ….



3 thoughts on ““… A Pleasant Kind of Misery”

  1. Jane, Autocorrect is definitely a bittersweet function … I’ve had my own tussles with the difference between what I said and what it thought I wanted to say:)

    I agree with your underlying sentiment that one’s attitude ultimately determines whether money (or the lack of it) is an issue at all. I’ve never been rich in the financial sense either, but I can see points in my life when finances were more important and when they were less important. Doesn’t appear to have much to do with the really critical human issues.



  2. I’ve heard money can’t buy happiness. It just lets you look for it in a lot more places. I can’t prove it disprove that statement. I’ve never had more money than it took to pay the bills. I can price that I have never needed money to be happy or content. I made up my mind to live in an attitude if gratitude a long time ago. So far it has worked for me. I’m sorry about the wealthy of poor that you describe here. They need a new attitude.


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