Kelly McGonigal gives the gift of TED

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Great gifts aren’t always tangible. Just think back to the last time someone made your holiday season by gifting you an experience, or by writing you a card that got you just a little choked up. And so we ask: why not give the gift of an idea? This week, we’ve asked some of our favorite speakers of 2013 to gift three people in their lives with a TED Talk that will amuse, amaze or inspire them.

Kelly McGonigal’s talk from TEDGlobal 2013, “How to make stress your friend,” has inspired many people to stop thinking of stress as a terrifying thing — a big gift in itself. Here, the TED Talks she’d like to give for the holiday season.

Gift #1
The talkElizabeth Pisani: Sex, drugs and HIV — let’s get rational
For: My friend and colleague, Sarah Ramirez, a public health advocate and activist

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