I’m Just Saying …

Warning:  Graphic violence

I could write a book on the psychological and sociological aspects of all this, but others already probably have done so.

Stores want to offer value and encourage folks to shop with them … that’s fine.

Customers want to get a good bargain and make their money go further, especially nowadays … this is also good.

However, the annual combination consistently results in behavior like the above.

I know this video represents the worst of the worst and not all stores experience the same chaos.  Some of the scenes are from other parts of the world, but most are from here in the United States.

Click here for current details of the human cost, including deaths, injuries, violence, accidents, and so on:  http://blackfridaydeathcount.com/

I am NOT talking about folks just wanting to make their kids Christmas a little better, or retail workers who want to work on the holidays to make a few extra dollars.

I am talking about uncontrollable greed and competition.

If we care about people and also want a stronger economy, we have to come up with a better way to offer value to customers and support giving  … this ain’t it.

Feeling rather downcast in the Heartland ….


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