Our Daily Decision …

Being Us

That’s it … the whole thing …

Once we make this decision right out of the gate each day, everything else we do will fall into place … eventually.

For more thinking like this, visit Marc and Angel as they hack life by visiting the hard places and engaging in common sense. 

Dog and FriendNow to tackle that pesky question of just who I really want to be.   You know, when you fully embrace this question and grapple with it, life can be pretty scary for a while, as you come to realize that you really can decide who you want to be.

Then it’s just a matter of making it happen … and that is often the easy part:)

BTW, I hope you caught that “daily” part of this equation.  Every single day, we get new opportunities to declare, work on, and refine our vision for who we want to be.   How badly you missed the mark yesterday is not the point … aiming again or changing the target is the point.

I was reintroduced over the weekend to a video that is nothing short of remarkable.  No cute cats, or catchy nonsense words that foxes say … this is just a heart-warmer of a story about doing what they said you could not do.  

Check it out on YouTube by clicking here:

Arthur’s Transformation (Extended Cut).

After watching, then try to tell me “Change is too hard” with a straight face, in that whining tone we all use from time to time …

Making decisions and taking action in the Heartland ….


Postscript:  FOr even more, check out Inspired:  The Movie.