Good Morning …


Interesting morning sky over Eastern Missouri …

On a beautifully moderate Autumn Saturday morning, I sit quietly with my coffee and reflect on a very hectic week just past, before shifting to consideration of the days to come.

I am in one of those weightless moments “betwixt and between”.   Things past still affect me and things to come will probably change my world.

Do you savor the moments in between the moments which demand your attention, time, and energy?

Not to sound too much like an over-priced poster from a motivational company, but we cannot always control our world.   While how we react to our crises and our urgencies is important, I believe that we need to put equal “energy” into our in-between moments.  Savor them, use them to reflect in calmness, refresh our minds and our hearts, and just be for a while.

Not always easy to do and our world does not always support doing so, but you’re worth it.  I’m worth it.  We are all worth a little time, a little beauty, a little sip of very good coffee.

Next week will be busy and the week afterward a nightmare … But right now, the air is cool, the sky is pretty, the coffee is hot, and I am at peace …

Weighty thoughts later … currently enjoying being in the moment in the Heartland.