“The Myths of Creativity” …

I am fascinated with creativity …

Not the stereotypical creativity of artists or poets, but the everyday creative process that most of us yearn for more of in our personal and professional lives.

I love hearing about a new and useful resource to help me become more creative … one that demystifies the creative process and debunks the myths we have “created” around our perceptions about innovation.

David Burkus is a professional colleague and a very interesting person.  The trailer above is based on his new book The Myths of Creativity coming soon, in which David defines the “mistaken ideas” which will be familiar to many of us as we struggle to become more creative.

In the framework of eleven mistaken perceptions or “myths” about what creativity is and how we engage in it, David provides us with clear and engaging content that moves smoothly from ancient Greece to the modern corporate boardroom and work environment.  This is one enjoyable read …

The Myths of Creativity - BurkusThe bottom line? 

David shows us how we can all “embrace a practical approach, grounded in reality, to finding the best new ideas, projects, processes, and programs.”

Click below to read more, sample a chapter, and preorder the book:

The Myths of Creativity 

For a little longer taste of David’s style, check out “Why Great Ideas Get Rejected”, a TEDxOU video where he talks about Igor Stravinsky, mouse traps, recognizing good ideas, and a few other interesting things:

To learn more about David Burkus and connect with a knowledgeable professional and truly nice guy, here’s some useful links:

Visit David’s website at http://www.davidburkus.com

Follow David on TWITTER as @davidburkus  and Like David on FACEBOOK at /drdavidburkus


Feeling much more creative this morning in the Heartland ….