“An Unbearable Day” ….

I miss this show, these characters, and moments like this …

Curated earlier today at THE TXNL Daily by Raquel and shared originally by Sean D.


A little nostalgia this morning, as I am reminded of something which was once an essential part of my life.

Yes, the show fed my personal and political beliefs ….

Yes, it was television and thus a media show designed to hook viewers ….

Yes, it was overly dramatic at times …

Yes, it sometimes created satisfying, but unrealistic outcomes to situations all too real …

But I watched faithfully for the myriad little gems of writing, acting, and staging in each episode ….like the one above, for instance.

You do not need to know the back story for this brief scene to understand something of the speaking character’s personalities and the overall dynamics are familiar to anyone who has ever worked with others, lived with others, or just paid attention to others.

We all understand a little about Josh’s youthful exuberance and hubris, and we can all relate to Donna’s resignation … we’ve been there, maybe with difference nuances and details, but we know the story.

Some television shows are interesting or enjoyable, watchable, but ultimately just something to fill our time.

Other create powerful and lasting connections with us …

What show has created connections with you?

What did the show do to achieve this?

What does this say about you?

Thinking West Wing Marathon tonight, just for old times sake in the Heartland  ….