Prospecting …

Prospector PD“Go out looking for one thing and that’s all you’ll ever find.”

~old prospector saying

Imagine someone searching so hard for one thing, like gold, for example.   The person endures hardship and deprivation, but remains focused on their goal of finding that gold.  They expend energy and effort, day after day, as all else in their life slips away.

Now imagine that person throwing silver and rubies aside, because they are only looking for gold.

Focus is a good thing … sometimes.

We are often taught that focus is essential for success and I believe that is mostly true.  However, this old saying reminds us of what we may miss by being so focused.

The film and television industry has made tons of money by cranking out romantic tales where the two people, who the viewers know are made to be together, fail to see the inevitability of their relationship until the final moments of the film.

Science tells us of discoveries made by accident, finding a valuable thing while looking for another.  Someone just has to notice and think creatively about what lies in front of them.  Sticky notes is a good example here.

In business, organizations sometimes “bet the farm” on one product, one process, one application … only to be blindsided by other products, processes, or applications.

Being focused is good, but so is being open to what else might be valuable in our lives. 

What are you missing because you are so focused on something else?

Trying hard to be open to other possibilities in the Heartland ….