World Photography Day …

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“There was once a time when photography didn’t exist.”

From the Word Photography Day website


CameraWorld Photography Day is about “celebrating the ability we have to communicate” using the visual medium of photography.  It’s not about creating breath-taking photographic images, although some may do this.  It’s not about paying special attention to professional photographers, although that may also happen.  It’s not about spending a lot of money on a sophisticated device to take photographs or expensive software to refine the images, although you can easily do this too.

World Photography Day IS about celebrating the face that photography DOES exist in our world and that we have increasingly useful ways to engage in the creation of visual images which show others what we see and experience.

For much, much more, go to World Photography Day  and World Photography Day on Facebook.


In celebration of this day, here are some of my better amateur efforts …

DSCN3352        DSCN3344


DSCN3257        DSCN3047

Planning an afternoon photo safari and sort of digging this special holiday in the Heartland ….