Innovative Service Includes Random Acts of Neighbor

I am delighted to introduce today’s guest post by Chip Bell to mark the launch of his new book “The 9 ½ Principles of Innovative Service, which delivers world-class and useful insights on how to truly delight your customers.  In a world of competition and repetition, Chip’s thinking stands out like a beacon of hope across a dark sea.  Read on for a taste:

clip_image002I stopped by a roadside flea market in search of an antique typewriter. “Your license plate is about to fall off,” the owner told me as I was getting out of my car. I looked and saw the screw on the right side of the plate was about to come off. Handing me a Phillips screwdriver from his pile of used tools, he said, “Tighten that bad boy back up again before you lose it!” When I returned his screwdriver, he smiled and waved me away. “Just keep it, neighbor, I got plenty of them!” I thought to myself, “How long has it been since a merchant I had never seen before referred to me as “neighbor.” I vowed to come back, even after I located my typewriter.

Our fast paced, get-it-on-the-Internet has stripped out much of the neighbor-serving- neighbor service experience. And, when we get that special neighborly experience, it makes us feel special with a nostalgic sense of being home. It requires caring about the person, not just the customer’s request or requirement. It includes displaying the upbeat attitude you hope your customers will assume. It means never letting customers get out your eyesight or earshot still disappointed. Even if you can’t always give customers what they want, you can always give them a great service experience. It entails using the optimistic attitude of “The answer is ‘yes,’ what’s the question?”

The night before my annual physical examination I received a text from my physician reminding me that the morning exam would be started with a blood test. “Remember, no food after midnight and only water or black, unflavored coffee in the morning.” I am a big coffee fan! As soon as the nurse took two vials of blood the next morning, she step out for a second and returned with a large cup of coffee. “I believe you like your coffee black,” she said with a smile on a face…”and hazelnut, right?” She had gone to the Keurig coffee machine in their break area. Nurse Melody became Saint Melody. I felt like a member of their family!

What can you do to make your customers feel like a neighbor? How can you surprise your customers with a gesture that makes them feel like a close friend?

About Chip Bell: Chip R. Bell is a highly sought after keynote speaker and the author of several best-selling books.  His newest book is The 9 1/2 Principles of Innovative Service.

The 9 1/2 Principles is available on Simple Truths. You can connect with Chip through his website or via Twitter (@ChipRBell) or Facebook (facebook/ChipRBell).

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