Vision …



Sometimes our vision is cloudy, the details vague and indistinct …

Vision 2

Sometimes we cannot see because much is hidden and we glimpse only a part …

Our tendency is to become frustrated or despair that we will never know what we need to know.  We might even deny that what we seek really exists.   These responses are not useful to us.

What we seek to know is there … we just cannot see it yet.

When an airplane takes off, even in very stormy weather, it eventually climbs beyond the clouds and we are dazzlingly reminded that the sun shines every day, whether we see it or not.

Even if we are just gazing at the clouds, they eventually drift and change.  Nothing remains the same.

Just thought I should remind you … something to consider over the weekend, as you grapple with whatever life is handing you to grapple with.  Maybe you need help seeing through the mist or enlarging the scope of your vision.

Trying to look beyond the haze in the Heartland ….