A Milestone and A Small Bit of Wisdom …


Birthday Party

Today is one of those “Special” birthdays for me …


As is often the case with special life markers, I feel the need to reflect on my life experiences and share the wisdom which I have accumulated over the years.

I pondered long and hard about how to best approach this., wanting to provide the most value for this moment of which I am capable. 

What to say to those who have made the trip with me, to those who come behind?  

What can I say about living life that will best capture the essence of all that we experience?

As is also often the case in life, someone else has already made the ultimate comment about our journey through the life span. 


“What Happened?” Indeed, Fred …

… what more can we say as we look around and realize our realitySmile

… and on that note, I am off to celebrate survival, remaining grateful for having been given what many are denied.

Feeling good and visualizing one gigantic and delicious dessert for lunch (yes, dessert as lunch, not dessert after lunch) in the Heartland ….



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