Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs …

No Swimming, Skating, Boating closer

… Do we really need this sign?


Now that you are in the mood, might as well listen to the whole songSmile


The question of the day on this bright summer morning is a simple multiple choice question:


A.  Signs are a necessary visual reminder of what we should do or not do in situations.


B.  Signs are a necessary evil, sometimes helpful, sometimes confusing.


C.  Signs are something I pay attention, when I feel like it.   Sometimes I don’t … especially at night on deserted roads.


D.  Signs are a symptom of creeping governmental, institutional, and societal social engineering.


E.  What Signs?

Don’t forget to put your name on your papers before you turn them in to me.  Once you have finished and submitted this test, you are free to leave.

Oops … almost forgot the bonus question (essay form):   


What does your response above indicate about your ability to function within a work or social group?

Trying to resist the urge to go skinny dipping in pond scum in the Heartland …





2 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs …

  1. Yes, I wore the T-shirt too, and I really had to think about the date to put. Cause for more reflexion on my past. I am grateful for an upbringing where my aunt and her “friend(s)” were always considered part of the family. No one had to discuss it. We loved her and she loved us.


    • Thanks, Carolyn, for both your response and your leadership for this event.

      Maybe someday, things will just be the way they are and we won’t have to think about it:)



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