“A Real Actor …”

Wayne and Garth are not particularly in my Favorite Actors list, but I have always enjoyed this little snippet from “Wayne’s World”, where the boys stop to ask directions at a gas station and break the fourth wall.   Yes, Charlton Heston is amazing in his ability to evoke emotions with a few words and some nuanced gestures, plus superb timing.  Watching him create a story with so little content and so little screen time is very impressive

However, I think the guy who had to act like a bad actor is another real actor on this set …

For an accomplished and practiced actor, creating a professional and engaging performance is fluid and requires only their will to do so.   However, To act against one’s training and inclinations is much more difficult.  I can recall scenes from films or television shows where people with real singing ability had to sing off-key.  

Doing a poor job intentionally is not as easy as we might think …

Some questions for you actors to ponder this hazy Saturday morning:

When do you ever need to act in a way which is counter to your best abilities and talents?

Is this ever considered an asset, as it was for the actor who was unceremoniously replaced by Wayne?

What special abilities do you need to act like you do not have a skill?

Trying to not consider things from unusual angles and failing miserably to do so in the Heartland …