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“When I want my kids to get something done, like a house chore, I don’t talk about the strategic value-added proposition of goal attainment: I talk about the opportunity they’ll create by getting the work done.”

Bill Treasurer


Leaders Open Doors by Bill Treasurer is launching this week and I have several reasons why you should read this book:

1)  This short book packs a simple and direct message:  Open-Door leaders offer challenges which will help others grow.  

This is a powerful message and Bill uses economy of force to convey that message quickly, appropriately, and with style.  Based on his own solid leadership experience, including a few very negative moments, Bill describes effective and proactive leadership which we should all aspire toward.

… and nary a word about increasing shareholder value, managing corporate processes and structures, or the term “human resources”.

“A leader’s primary job is to actively create opportunities that bring about real and concrete benefits. They build. They experiment. They act. They create.”

Bill uses the term “Open-Door Leadership” in a way far different from what most of us have experienced.  Instead of the traditional false openness of “My door is always open to you”, the real Open-Door Leader is walking out that door and looking for opportunities to help others.

“Open-door leadership is not about having an open-door policy. If ever there were a recipe for lousy leadership, it is to allow yourself to be continuously interrupted by people. It is about taking actions to open doors for others.”

 2)  Useful and thoughtful statements, which repeatedly made me stop and think “Well, of course!” .

I admire writing where the opportunity to high-light, reflect, and learn comes often.  Bill has a knack for saying things with passion and conviction, which gets my attention and provides ample chances to think in a new way about things I have done for years.

The lead quotation above was in the introduction and got my attention immediately.  Here’s another good example associated with creating a positive atmosphere:

“Leaders would be better served to talk about what gets them up in the morning instead of what keeps them awake at night.  People want to follow leaders who sleep soundly at night.”

Bill’s engaging and direct writing style makes reading Leaders Open Doors a highly enjoyable experience.

 3)  The proceeds from sales of Leaders Open Doors go to charities serving children with special needs.

This touches my heart, since I share Bill’s interest in this cause.   When you can help this very special population while learning valuable lessons about effective leadership, I cannot imagine why you would not just do it.  It’s the perfect “Twofer”.

Bill neatly summarizes his basic philosophy thus:

“Leaders are most effective when they elevate people to a higher standard of performance by opening many doors of opportunity. Adopting an opportunity focus means viewing challenges as things to be expected, valued, and embraced. Moving others toward opportunity, however, also mean purposefully nudging them out of comfort zones. Opportunities are uncomfortable things, and open-door leaders help people and organizations grow to the extent that they inspire them to do the uncomfortable.”

Every month, many new books on various aspects of leadership development appear and many have value in some fashion.  Very few are worth reading again and again and again.

Leaders Open Doors is one of those few.

Enjoying the heck out of this little book in the Heartland ….


Disclaimer:  Yes, I received a copy of this book for review.  As always, my comments represent my honest and unbiased assessment of the book’s value for others.   I will recommend and sometimes gift this book to those interested in becoming better leaders.

Bill Treasurer, Chief Encouragement Officer at Giant Leap Consulting and former U. S. High Diver, wants leaders to be a part of opening doors of opportunities for others to thrive, achieve, and lead.  The proceeds of his new book, Leaders Open Doors, are being donated to charities that serve children with special needs.  Available on Amazon.


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