Arguing with Idiots …

Argument - two girls“Never argue with an idiot.  Someone watching may not be able to tell the difference.”

Attributed to Mark Twain, usually


I am sharing this very good advice in light of several recent discussions. 

We are sometimes so swayed by the righteousness of our beliefs that we assume three things in our economic, philosophical, political, business, and religious actions :

1)  I am right in how I think about a topic or an issue (and)

2)  Everyone thinks the same way I do (or)

3)  Everyone can be convinced to think the way I do.

None of the above are accurate, but many a conversation, most political and social campaigns, and a too-large percentage of religious activity is based on accepting them as the truth.


The worst of it that the above quote becomes true, when you enter discussions with the above assumptions.

What are you assuming that just gets you into endless debates?


Try this instead:

1)   I may be right or wrong or somewhere in-between on my beliefs.

2)  Others may have different beliefs and that’s OK.

3)  We can share our beliefs and see what happens.


Trying to take my own advice in the Heartland ….


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