Packing My Bag For The Day …

image“Days are like suitcases.  They might be small, but some people can pack a great deal into them.” (Anonymous)

Do not respond to this quote by describing your multitasking skills in detail.   The research is overwhelming regarding the ineffectiveness of doing more than one thing at a time for other than very minor tasks.   I have talked about multitasking at several points:  Trying to See How Many Things You Can Get Up At One Time?” and “The Price …” are examples.  Others have written extensively about this as well, as a simple Google search will show.

Multitasking may be effective when combining two relatively minor tasks, such as watching television and doing house work.  However, Most of us deal with more significant challenges in our days, so multitasking is not an effective tool to help us accomplish those things which demand attention in order to do well.

The idea remains and I believe it to be true, that some folks manage to do a great deal more than many of us during the course of our day.

image“Our days are like identical suitcases – all the same size, some people pack more in them than others.” (Anonymous)

Well, this quote is accurate on its face, since we do each have the same exact twenty-four hours allotted to us.  Since we all have the same time to do things, we have to look to other possible sources of the differences in our accomplishments.

Some possibilities:


Some folks have the benefit of having received and earned advanced education, which hopefully included learning how to do more with your time.

Education should provide essential skills, including critical and creative thinking, ability to research, learning as a asset, and organizational techniques.   Education should also provide advanced people skills, including the ability to communicate and collaborate with others effectively.


This element should not be underestimated.   Where we are born and where we are makes a great deal of difference to our lives, in many ways.   The person born in a rural or small town environment receives a much different set of experiences upon which to draw than the person raised in an urban environment.   Living in a different culture, whether that culture is across town or across the globe, also makes a difference.


We cannot underestimate the value of simply picking a task and concentrating on doing it.   Going hand in hand with the position that multitasking is not efficient or effective is the idea that focusing on a specific thing will produce a more effective outcome.

We all have resources to bring to bear on an issue or a situation.   When we are using all our resources to deal with a single thing, we are maximizing the possibility of a positive outcome.

Well, those are the three I came up with this overcast morning.

What elements of achievement do you see that I missed?

What did I not say about the ones I mentioned?

What do you take issue with here?

Looking forward to your responses while I wait for the rain to start in the Heartland ….