Life After Art … Absolutely!

Life-After-Art-3.2-small-Copy“You are a creator!”    

 Matt Appling’s Life After Art: What You Forgot About Life and Faith Since You Left the Art Room is one of the more enjoyable and quotable books I have read recently … and I read a lot of booksSmile

The best quotes are often simple and direct:

“You cannot help creating.”

“You have never stopped creating”

“You just stopped thinking about creating.”

“Creations always say something about their creator.”

I you have read my earlier posts on this engaging book, you already know the basic approach Matt Appling takes to life.   If not, read here and here, or just Google the book title.  I’m not the only person who likes this book.

Matt builds a solid case around the societal, psychological, and spiritual elements which combine to convince us that we are no longer the creative individuals we began as and that we cannot fight.

Then he deftly builds the case that we, in fact, can regain our creativity.

His discussion of the unintended consequences of the recent self-esteem movement which culminated in such nice, but absolutely untrue statements as “everyone’s a winner”, with its resultant dilution of the sense of quality, standards, and individual achievement, is particularly worth reading.

Matt concludes that we just have to be open to creating, let go of our need to judge our own creations, and ignore the drumbeats that would stop us.

As a reminder: 

You are a creator”

You may not be an artist, as Matt points out, but you are and can always be a creator.  Here’s some random thoughts about how I can be a creator:

Create a better world through my actions to protect both our world and those who live in it …

Create a loving home for my family and friends …

Create purpose in the things I give my time and energy to …

Create positive energy in those organizations to which I am committed …

Create kindness to those who I meet along the way …

Create myself as a person others look to for help, for understanding, and or love …

I may never paint pictures with the gusto of that long-ago five-year-old and a small part of me will probably always worry a tad about the technical quality of what I do, but I can be a creator.

Well folks, I’m off to create “something” of beauty in the Heartland ….


Disclaimer:  I received a review copy of Matt Appling’s Life After Art: What You Forgot About Life and Faith Since You Left the Art Room .   I would not be posting this if I did not believe that this book has something very important to say about how we live our lives and how we might do so in more fulfilling and enjoyable ways … so there.


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