Happy, Happy Holi …:)


Holi is a Hindu festival, better known as the Festival of Colors, which marks the start of spring and the celebration of love.  It has quite a backstory about conflict between gods and demons, kings, ending in repeated murder attempts.  The good guy wins, the father and his sister perish, and all ends well, which you can read all about in detail here.

Yes, I’m going to go a tad overboard today with font colors. 

You have been warned.

Holi - Festival of Colors - PD

Click CNN SLIDE SHOW to see images from this year’s Holi  celebrations.

Holi Festival - photo by Nicholas Becker

Colours for the Holi festival at a market in Mysore, India” (Image by Nicholas Becker on March 18, 2011)

A little cultural blending:

From Wikipedia:  “On May 31, 2007, the independent film Outsourced premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival.

The plot of the film details the story of Todd Anderson, an American call center novelty products salesman (Josh Hamilton) as he heads to India to train his replacement after his entire department is outsourced

to a new, much cheaper call center in Gharapuri, India.

Todd soon discovers that in order to successfully train his new charges, he must first learn about the culture of the workers. A Holi celebration is the catalyst for this change in his attitude.”

Me:  This is a very funny, thought-provoking, and engaging film … well worth a few hours viewing time.

Trailer for “Outsourced” from YouTube

Feeling quite colorful in the Heartland ….