Weird Stuff We Do …

Fish Therapy 1

Yes, that is my foot …

Yes, those are small fish nibbling away …

No, I would not do this in the Heartland …

When we are on vacation and out of our comfort zone, we often do things that we would not do (and might even laugh or scoff at) in our regular environment.

Letting small fish eat away for 30 minutes to make your feet feel temporarily smooth and refreshed is an example of what I did … breaking past my prejudices about physical relaxation activities, which I usually think of as indulgent and even silly.

This makes me think of several questions:

What enjoyable activities have you done on vacation that you would not normally do?

What work-related behavior do you tend to avoid that you would do in the right environment?

What is stopping you from changing your behavior and doing that which you enjoy at work?

Keep it clean with your responses …Smile

Admiring the soft and smooth feel of my tootsies in the Caribbean Heartland ….


3 thoughts on “Weird Stuff We Do …

  1. 🙂 guess so … I spent a good part of my vacation reading books for later review, which includes both volunteer and paid work:)

    Thanks for reading:)



  2. I love research and I love writing. On my last vacation I used my free time to research and write a social media policy for an organization. I didn’t get paid for it so I guess that must mean I work for love, huh?


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