In The Dark …

Darkness falls ...Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or stars.”


Confucius was making a point about how learning can light our way and it’s a good one.

However, my mind took a slightly different turn on hearing these words …

Outside of a cave, nothing is quite as dark as a moonless and starless night.  City dwellers do not usually experience this, but if you live in or venture out to the country, you can experience being absolutely without light.

Just wait for a cloudy night, turn off the house lights, or better yet, go sit on a hill on farmland somewhere as far from any town or other house as you can get.

It’s a little creepy, to significantly understate the feeling of being totally in the dark …

Light provides illumination and points for reference.   If we can see at least something of where we are, then we can often figure out our situation and how to improve it.

Without light, we feel completely alone … no context, nothing familiar or welcoming, just emptiness that appears to go on forever.

I find it worth noting that, in that darkest dark, you may be standing next to that which you most desire.  

You could reach out and touch it, hold it, possess it … if only you were not so overwhelmed by the dark.

Sometimes just a friendly voice from somewhere close will help make the dark a little less scary …

Sometimes you can be that friendly voice …

Listening and reaching out even though I cannot see a blessed thing in the Heartland ….